Do your customers trust you enough to buy from you?

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Big mistakes have bigger consequences.

The secret to SEO success is not keywords; here is why.

These no-brainer mistakes can be easily fixed


No, it’s not the virus.

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Because of the world's reaction to the information received.

A German who grew up in Kenya and lives in Amsterdam

February 2020 before lockdown.

Dinosaurs and Disappointments

Declutter by stopping distractions and awaken your inner genius

How satisfying to look at. (source)

There is a reason why the planet goes through cycles. Nature is smarter than we are.

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Because we can be anything, we become nothing.

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Technological advancements such as full genome sequencing will burst the big pharma bubble.

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Our approach to human health is very “dinosaur” like

Your gut houses 100 trillion bacteria. Don’t turn them against you.

Yes, this is how your insides look like. (More or less) Source: Canva

Your body is a universe and more

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