Do your customers trust you enough to buy from you?

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Since we live in a totally transparent world brand trust has become one of the most crucial factors for consumers to buy. Or wait a second. Just because everything seems transparent, does it mean that it is?

The truth is that there have been several scandals that have given big brands well-deserved issues.

The Volkswagen scandal has made us all realise that big brands don’t care and money beats integrity.

Big mistakes have bigger consequences.

What are the consequences? Next to the estimated $100 million in economic costs from health damages, millions of people are now questioning how many other brands that love and have…

The secret to SEO success is not keywords; here is why.

So, you are looking for SEO techniques to get more website traffic, generate leads and rank higher on Google.

Me too, me too. What if I told you that it’s time to stop wasting your time thinking about keywords? As a freelancing copywriter, I have spent a lot of time trying to stay updated with the latest SEO copywriting techniques.

The problem is that because of the pandemic in 2020, which has followed us into 2021, a ton of businesses moved online. Not like it wasn’t competitive before. It’s time to up your game. …

These no-brainer mistakes can be easily fixed

For 2021, which will be more digital than the last year, I want to make sure you start your digital marketing with a big bang this year. Here are 8 mistakes that concern all the main parts of digital marketing that need to be in place for your year to be the best funnel, best email, and best ad year ever.


For the new year, which will be more digital than the last year, I want to make sure you start your digital marketing with a big bang this year. …

No, it’s not the virus.

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If you look around you, many people are full of fear. Eye contact seems to have become a crime for many.

Since you can’t see many peoples facial expressions anymore, the only place left to see is the eyes. They tell enough.

Why is the world in distress?

Not because of the virus.

Because of the world's reaction to the information received.

What does your daily information diet consist of?

Is it full of crap?

What’s considered crap, you may ask?

In my opinion, anything that doesn't bring you closer to your desired emotional state.

How many pieces of information…

A German who grew up in Kenya and lives in Amsterdam

February 2020 before lockdown.

Dinosaurs and Disappointments

In primary school, I once wrote a story in a little A5 textbook. Since my dream at that time was to become an archaeologist, digging out the most amazing dinosaur fossils man has ever seen, the story was about ancient Egypt. Yes, I was quite obsessed with dinosaurs for a while.

Anyway, in that story, 3 men went on a journey to Egypt to discover the pyramids and look for… yes, of course, dinosaur fossils.

The story went something like this.

The men walked. They saw sand. It was hot. There was a secret pyramid.

I was 8.

The fact…

Declutter by stopping distractions and awaken your inner genius

Sometimes it can be hard to clear your mind of all the different thoughts that constantly rush through it. Often we see a thought that we don’t like and force it to go away. Either by thinking of something else or more often by external distraction. A habit we do to protect ourselves, but actually, we hurt ourselves.

How satisfying to look at. (source)

We pick up the phone, go snack, or play a game. We find that little something to give us a tiny rush of dopamine to tell us everything is alright. You’re doing good. And so you reward yourself for this behavior.


There is a reason why the planet goes through cycles. Nature is smarter than we are.

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Foods from all over the world, wherever you look. You can have it all. As much as you can, whenever you want.

A consequence of globalisation, marketing, and capitalism.

I want to show you 7 benefits of seasonal eating today.

Seasonal eating was what all humans did 100 years ago simply because we didn't have the luxury of having 234 types of tomatoes in all shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from.

So what’s seasonal eating?

Basically, seasonal eating is eating whatever comes out of the ground at a certain period of time in a year, like pumpkins in autumn.

Because we can be anything, we become nothing.

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There was an ambitious young boy named Adam who lived in a small village in Ireland. His family was poor. His options were limited. He was a victim of his circumstances.

Since it was the year 1935, the usual path to follow was an apprenticeship. He was known as a simple farmers boy who was expected to follow in his parent's footsteps as a cattle farmer. To stay on the farm and raise animals for a living. That was his only option.

Trade barriers caused by the economic war with Great Britain made life very difficult for Adam and his…

Technological advancements such as full genome sequencing will burst the big pharma bubble.

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When you look at the healthcare systems in place right now, you see very little change compared to how it was 10 years ago.

Living in Africa, for 7 years, I see room for massive innovation in “third world countries” that are not stuck in a fixed system like most “first world countries”.

A full genome sequencing test from Nebula Genomics now costs $299. You might think that’s a lot but wait until you hear what you can do with it.

Oh, and in 2007 the first whole-genome sequence cost DNA pioneer James Watson just below $1 million.

Our approach to human health is very “dinosaur” like

We still…

Your gut houses 100 trillion bacteria. Don’t turn them against you.

Yes, this is how your insides look like. (More or less) Source: Canva

It turns out that your gut and your brain are directly connected, and if you want to stay healthy, you have to make sure that your gut is healthy. How? Make sure that your gut bacteria are on the ‘good’ side.

How can you keep them on the good side? You’ll find out.

Your body is a universe and more

If you think the human body is impressive, you are right. Our body is made up of approximately 37.2 trillion cells.

That is nothing compared to the number of bacteria living within your gut. There are about 10x more bacteria living inside your gut than there are…

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