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If you look around you, many people are full of fear. Eye contact seems to have become a crime for many.

Since you can’t see many peoples facial expressions anymore, the only place left to see is the eyes. They tell enough.

Why is the world in distress?

Not because…

February 2020 before lockdown.

Dinosaurs and Disappointments

In primary school, I once wrote a story in a little A5 textbook. Since my dream at that time was to become an archaeologist, digging out the most amazing dinosaur fossils man has ever seen, the story was about ancient Egypt. Yes, I was quite obsessed with dinosaurs for a…

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Foods from all over the world, wherever you look. You can have it all. As much as you can, whenever you want.

A consequence of globalisation, marketing, and capitalism.

I want to show you 7 benefits of seasonal eating today.

Seasonal eating was what all humans did 100 years ago…

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When you look at the healthcare systems in place right now, you see very little change compared to how it was 10 years ago.

Living in Africa, for 7 years, I see room for massive innovation in “third world countries” that are not stuck in a fixed system like most…

Yes, this is how your insides look like. (More or less) Source: Canva

It turns out that your gut and your brain are directly connected, and if you want to stay healthy, you have to make sure that your gut is healthy. How? Make sure that your gut bacteria are on the ‘good’ side.

How can you keep them on the good side…

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